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2020 Optical Store : Rebrand

1 Changing the 2020 Brand

The rebrand of a large independent opticians store that offered a vast range of glasses.

The first pitched concept was to pick up on the existing 2020 brand and attempt to tie in other marketing collateral This Bag redesign focused on using their logo in the design of store bags. 

2 Bag redesign

A Second bag designed to tie in with 2020's existing brand.

3 Tailored vision

2020 is an independent store while it has a large range of frames and a good level of personal service it had trouble competing with high street opticians on price. The idea behind the 'Tailormade Vision' approach was to make potential customers look on the store as they would a tailor: someone with a lot of experience, who has a personal relationship with the client, and provides a quality service that suits them perfectly. The allusion to high fashion suits both the proximity of the store to LCF and St Martins and supports the shops reputation as providing a quality product.

This poster was an initial concept, were it to go into production a photoshoot would be required. Current imagery was edited after being taken from a Nokia viral.  

4 Tailormade vision

The Tailormade Vision concept was supported by a glasses / scissors logo which was applied to all collateral. Lens wiping cloths were created that had cloth cutting patterns printed on them. 

5 The Little Guy with the big selection

The Little Guy approach was based on people wanting to help out an independent. It relied on the public's sentiments against globalisation and captured some of the advantages of talking to a store owner when making a choice on spectacles. This particular poster also drove home 2020's extensive range of frames.  

5 The Little Guy, aiding customer choice

The strengths of The Little Guy campaign were that the image could be easily applied to all items in the store. The Little Guy Character would be there to offer advice and could be given a friendly tone of voice that would espouse the ambience of the store. 

6 Something For Everyone

The Something For Everyone idea was aimed at some of the specialty eyewear 2020 dealt with. The store had a vast range of fashion spectacles, sunglasses and even dealt with frames for high contact sports such as rugby, and water based sports like swimming.

Showing unlikely applications of eyewear would be eyecatching yet still draw the viewer in. 

7 Largest in Europe

This design was in line with our Creative Director's approach to this rebranding exercise. It was intended as a more subtle alternative to his proposed 'I fuck better in glasses' campaign that revolved around voluptuous women handing out flyers with the slogan on their chest.