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Frijj Swamp Soccer : Microsite

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1 Introduction

Frijj Swamp Soccer microsite was a project I started before leaving Syzygy. A good deal of it was completed by Jake Brindle.

The site was based around a bottletop competition which users texted in a code and recieved a custom url to get to the site and start their own 'swamp soccer' team.

Users could invite other members to sign up using facebook connect.

A winning team, picked at random, was invited along to hang out with the Soccerette cheerleaders at the games in Scotland.

2 Augmented Reality

A secondary feature of the site was that anybody with a webcam could use their empty bottle as a Augmented Reality placeholder. Holding a bottle up to the screen would result in a cheerleader appearing over the top of it and dancing in the users hand.