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Goggles - The Google Maps Flight Simulator

1 The Goggles Flight Sim

Goggles was completed in a week off while freelancing. It is a top down flight simulator that loads in Google's satellite imagery into flash. Users can link to the game from their websites and have it start at a defined location. The plane can shoot, enabling players to dive-bomb their friends houses etc.

It was seeded accidentally after letting a friend see it before completion. It ended up being Dugg and it received around million hits in the first weekend. To date it has had over 4 million. There were interviews for Edge and New York Times and a host of blog spots from round the world.

It's success was confirmed by receiving personalised 'Nigeria scam' emails offering $100,000US to 'buy your game and put it on it's own website'.

Goggles is not functioning (for now!) as Google recently added more security features to Googlemaps. This game doesn't use their API and requires significant maintenance to keep it working.

2 Edge Interview and Article

An interview on Goggles and other Google based flash games featured in Edge magazine.

3 Goggles 'inspires' Saatchi and Saatchi.

Saatchi and Saatchi Germany (who currently run with the standfirst 'Ideas & Ideas') created an Emirates banner, which featured a steerable propeller plane flying over Google satellite imagery.

It's reassuring to see the market leaders of the creative industry independently come up with the exact same idea 6 months after someone else.