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Highlander the source : Viral Game

Play the Highlander Viral

1 Introduction

Promotional Viral for latest Instalment of Highlander Films.

This viral was created to promote the DVD sales of Highlander: The Source, a medium budget production which fell short of achieving widespread critical acclaim.

This concept was pitched at appealing to a 'geek' demographic that were internet savvy. This target audience would have a large number of online friends, would regularly use social networking sites and blogs, and would have access to digital photos of many of their friends.

The game concept involves uploading photo's of you and a friend (or boss etc) and chopping their head off in cartoon fashion. The action replay can then be sent to other people via a personalised graphic rich email, or a link to it posted online etc.

To further promote data capture, anyone who entered their email address would be entered into a competition to win a reproduction (and happily blunted) version of the broadsword used in the movie. 

2 Image upload

The user can upload an image of themselves on the left, and of the beheadee on the right. Both images are named and resized by the user. 

3 Select Angle and Power

The user sees themselves facing their chosen opponent. They must click in order to stop a swaying meter that dictates the angle of the swords swipe.

The user similarly clicks to stop a moving power gauge that dictates the force used behind the blow. 

4 Beheading Time

The head is dispatched!

The camera pans to follow it, moving the background-transparent video of the two opponents off the screen if the blow is sufficiently strong.

There are three levels of parallax scrolling to make the game more impressive and the head bounces, bleeds and rolls. The blood flow is also programmed to be emitted with a force that varies with power similar to a diminishing heartbeat.

I'm genuinely a nice person when you meet me socially. 

5 Scoreboard

The user is given a score based on the distance their opponents head traveled, from here they can send the replay to their friends/ colleagues.

Forwarding the replay allows email data capture, and somewhat disturbingly enters users into a competition to win a replica highlander sword.

 If the user doesn't wish to use the built in email facility they can use a custom url to post a replay on their blog.

This facility increased the viral capacity of the game.

7 Custom email

The specified recipients receive emails based on the information provided in the game, including a picture of their victims head, a link to the replay of the beheading, written in their name.

I completed all design and development work for the game and the email, and both characters in the game are me videoing myself.