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Malmaison hotels - The Malmaison Dream

Play the Mal Liverpool Viral

1 The Malmaison Dream

The Malmaison Dream had been pitched to the client as 'three virals in one' that would showcase the forthcoming Malmaison Liverpool hotel.

This project had to be finished and completed in a very short timescale.

While the script, video and overall concepts were not to my personal taste the code worked well and the graphics were on brand.

Many of the graphics were created by Stacey-Lee Wilkinson.

2 The Suite Area

A simple 'explore the room' hide and seek game with video responses to encourage the user to interact and explore the product 

3 The Spa Area

A question and answer interactive video game. 

4 The Bar Area

The client was keen to have the viral involve 'stories about the mal' and these were presented with 'before and after' video and graphic couplets.