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Londonskate - Promotional Emails

1 The Londonskate - Your Last Roller

A weekly email to members of the London Skate. These emails were received by rough 2000 people, and were advertising inline skating in London. The London Skate travels a 15 mile route on rollerskates over the streets of london every week of the summer. The graphics created for these events were done very informally and some of humour is a bit parochial in places.

Your Last Roller, sent out at the end of the season, plays on Rollo's advertising

2 Revolution of Wheels

An email based on Soviet propaganda posters.

3 Pimp my Skates

Some people have trouble keeping up on the weekly skates, prompting this Pimp My Skates idea. 

4 The Future

One of the advantages of working on a voluntary basis is that you can spend time creating off brand and irrelevant pieces that don't necessarily fit a client's image but just look cool.

5 Escape The Office

Presented as an email and as a downloadable PDF, skaters could print this and pin it to their office notice board. Done in the style of an aircraft escape card this advised people on how to exit the office on a Wednesday evening.

6 Worn Out

Launched toward the end of the season this played on the Londonskate's winged wheel Logo and tried to encourage people to continue to turn up in the dark winter months. 

7 Adrenalin Injection

One of the best ways to create eye-catching work is to shock, The syringe and medicine catch the eye. Anyone who's been on one of these mass events will tell you it gets the adrenaline flowing 


8 Safe and Sound

An early mailout telling attendees about the new sound bike.

9 Recruitment Drive

Based on the Met Police recruitment drive at the time this advert concentrated on encouraging volunteers to assist with marshalling the LondonSkate events.

10 Charles Atlas

Occasionally you get an opportunity to take the mickey out of people while advertising something.

Chris and I are now on speaking terms  

11 New King in Town

Starting in hyde park, 50% of the skates go past Buckingham Palace, so it seemed fitting to make it a little more On Brand.