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MALMAISON - Promotional Emails

1 Malmaison Easter

A Dali-esque interpretation of Easter focusing on dining. 

2 Malmaison Easter

An easter promotion supporting Malmaison's local produce campaign

3 Seduction in the City

An alternative email design to counter the client's print promotion that offered to teach women the art of flirtation. This was intended to address the lack of offers targeting the female visitor... 

4 Chill Out

A Damien Hirst style concept for Malmaison Hotels' Chill Out campaign. Modern and striking. 

5 Chill Out

A Surreal Daliesque concept for Mal's Chill Out campaign focusing on relaxation and escapism. 

6 Chill Out

A Concept for Mal's Chill Out campaign more closely resembling existing campaigns. The ice writing is created using a custom vector brush in Illustrator.