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Mazda 3 Microsite

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1 Introduction

The Mazda 3 microsite was a heavy flash site aimed at highend users with fast broadband. 

The feel of the site tied in with the above the line message of 'Light Moves' which was a tv ad based around an artist light drawing in a darkened factory with the Mazda 3 mimicing his movements.

The site was aired across 30 countries in over 10 languages.

2 Gestural Navigation with Light

One of the key features of the site was the ability to navigate to a specific section by drawing a specific shape on the screen. All the bezier brushes, ilumination and shape recognition needed to make this navigation system work were coded from scratch

3 Illuminated

The lines the user could draw when dragging the mouse varied in shape depending on the speed of the cursor. The brush used to draw the lines also rotated with speed making different fading patterns.

The cursor also featured as a torch, illuminating links and artwork making a more imersive site.


4. Image Editing

A section of the site offered an oppertunity for users to edit images they chose to upload in a manner similar to the press ad's.

The intention was less about creating a complex image editor and more about allowing people to graffiti photos in a simple, but styling way.