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New Media - Multimedia Science School - A-Level eLearning Product

1 New Media - Heat Transfer

During my time as a developer for New Media, and subsequently Plato Learning, I worked on different learning modules (in varying degrees) for the popular Multimedia Science School product. Generic examples of our company's product are displayed here.

The Heat Transfer tool showed heat transfer along a material that had different temperatures along its length. Particle vibration and Brownian motion were shown in real time. One of the strengths of the Science School product was that, wherever possible, the science behind what was happening would be recreated mathematically rather than simply mocked up illustratively.

2 Mixing Colours

Filters could be placed in front of the lights to change the colour of the subject.

3 Periodic Table of Elements

A good way of allowing students to notice trends through the periodic table of elements. In this example the teacher can change the temperature and students can notice the states of various elements change. In this way students are not being told about trends parrot fashion but discovering them for themselves.

4 Genetics

Used to assist Biology Teachers to teach students about genetics and the probability of certain recessive or dominant traits being passed on to offspring.

5 Alternative power

To teach children about the advantages and limitations of alternative power sources.