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BT Digital Music Awards - Stagediver Game

Play the StageDiver viral

1 Stagediver Intro Screen

DMA Stagediver was a simple projectile game advertising the Digital Music Awards, sponsored by British Telecom. Users were entered to win 2 tickets to the event. The project was coded in the space of one week. 

2 Angle Selection

User clicks to stop the moving angle gauge

3 Force Selection

The User chooses their optimum angle. Traditionally in these games the optimum angle is 45 degrees and the optimum force is 100%, To mix things up a little Stagediver had various items that would aid or hinder players progress.

4 Electrocuted on a lighting rig!

Lighting rigs cause the stage diver to be electrocuted and fall to the ground where they are. The speaker cages, shown to the left of the screen boost the players horizontal speed.

5 Bounced by a bouncer

Landing on a bouncer will reverse the player's direction of travel. As their located in gaps in the crowd this usually coincides with hitting the floor.

6 Personalised feedback

Always good to know how well you did!