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DeBeers Forevermark : Website

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1 Introduction

De Beers needed various online scrolling product displays for their Forevermark range of jewelry. The site was released in 4 different languages and needed to be able to display asian typesetting.

This screenshot shows the De Beers Precious Collection which featured a liquid layout scroller that could accomodate images of any widths. As the client demanded random looking edges to the images the angle of incline of the border to the rght of each image was variable in the CMS.

2 Jewellers

Forevermark Jewellers scroller was based on the Precious Collection framework. As the section had been created in a way which accomodated new factors it took a matter of hours to adapt it to the new section of the site.

3 Select Angle and Power

Initially started by a member of the design team this project was a hand me down.

Getting it to function involved alot of developing in the Flash Application and editing legacy code, but despite this the project was completed within budget and works perfectly.