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Samsung Jet

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1 Introduction

The Samsung Jet, on it's release, had the fastest processor of  any phone on the market.

The feel of this site was based entirely around speed and enthusiasm, and rode on the back of the above the line TV ads. Speed was also needed to create it as it was turned around in under 4 days.

All the videos used in the site were embedded into one swf which meant a long wait for the site to load. This picked up on the TV ad's refrain of "life's too short to wait"

Once loaded the site functioned instantaneously and started with a fracturing of the intro screen.


2 Home section

The explosion once loading has completed shatters the 'boring' intro screen and, playing with the feeling of speed time is paused with fragments of debris trapped in midair.

The phone, and debris, were all rendered using a custom top down parallax engine, giving the site a Matrix 'bullettime' feel. As the mouse moved the elements rotated and drifted past each other.

3 Subsections

The site consisted of three sectionds detailing the abilities of the phone, a TV ad, and a 'making of' video.

The delivery was to coincide with the Samsung CEO's unveiling of the site so deadlines were tight, and the project was run through an intermediatory agency, Grey.

This involved many late nights and last minute changes but eventually turned out well.