iSoma - Anti Bush Game - Personal Viral

This is an example of an early viral, discussed here.

About this work

This was an early viral created mainly for fun. It was based on a dutch video viral which satirised the american online voting system during the bush elections (a user tries to click on the kerry button only to have it run away from the mouse). It seemed like a good idea for a game, so this is it..

The game features a false mouse.. as the user clicks the Kerry button a cursor seeking missile is released and as the cursor is shot it becomes less responsive, looks damaged and emits smoke. The user can fight back by dragging and releasing the purple hearts that appear on the kerry button to try and destroy the bush button. I freely admit its very surreal, but was created more for fun than for serious self promotion. Having said that one major uk agency mentioned they were planning on making a similar viral until they came across this one and decided it had already been done, so maybe it was more successful than I'd assumed...